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"...The 2013 Yoda Design: Originally intended to support the 3D release of Attack Of The Clones, the green Yoda packaging was featured for both the Movie Heroes and The Clone Wars lines. Following the decision to indefinitely postpone further episodes of the Star Wars saga in 3D, both lines saw a vehicles and large-sized figures released, but action figures in this packaging was distributed to international markets including Canada, Mexico and Europe. The line was cancelled before the figures were scheduled to ship in the U.S. ..."

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Name (Char) + Details ID/ Art./ Wave Preis Jahr BildP BildL Item Anz. Exklusiv andere Vers.
Obi-Wan Kenobi      rebelscum-logo   lbw-logo
(kein SWJahr angegeben)
2665 /
CW01 /
-ka- 2013 no pic no pic1 / 0 anderer "Obi-Wan Kenobi"
Savage Opress      rebelscum-logo   lbw-logo
(kein SWJahr angegeben)
2666 /
CW02 /
-ka- 2013 no pic no pic1 / 0
Anakin Skywalker      rebelscum-logo   lbw-logo
(kein SWJahr angegeben)
2667 /
CW03 /
-ka- 2013 no pic no pic1 / 0 anderer "Anakin Skywalker"
Captain Rex      rebelscum-logo   lbw-logo
(kein SWJahr angegeben)
2668 /
CW04 /
-ka- 2013 no pic no pic1 / 0
R2-D2      rebelscum-logo   lbw-logo
(kein SWJahr angegeben)
2669 /
CW05 /
-ka- 2013 no pic no pic1 / 0 anderer "R2-D2"
501st Legion Clone Trooper      rebelscum-logo   lbw-logo
(kein SWJahr angegeben)
2670 /
CW06 /
-ka- 2013 no pic no pic1 / 0
Clone Commander Cody      rebelscum-logo   lbw-logo
(kein SWJahr angegeben)
2671 /
CW07 /
-ka- 2013 no pic no pic1 / 0
Darth Maul      rebelscum-logo   lbw-logo
(kein SWJahr angegeben)
2672 /
CW08 /
-ka- 2013 no pic no pic1 / 0 anderer "Darth Maul"
Battle Droid      rebelscum-logo   lbw-logo
(kein SWJahr angegeben)
2673 /
CW09 /
-ka- 2013 no pic no pic1 / 0